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Outpost Texas is a 21 and up only, BYOB post apocalyptic event where costumes are mandatory.

We will have DJ's, activities, and card tables using the post apocalyptic currency of choice, bottle caps.



We want to create the feel of a post apocalyptic world, where there are no spectators, only participants.

The style is heavily influenced by the Mad Max movies, but as we are in Texas, a little bit of Texas Twang is not required, but welcomed.


As such, any other genres should be avoided. We are not a comic/anime/sci fi convention, nor are we a ren faire.

So, no anime/comic characters, pirates, vikings etc.



Camping is available on site, but at this time is not included in the cost of your wristband, camping fees are $10 per person per day paid directly to the campgrounds via their cash honor box.

They're old school like that.

There are full shower and restroom facilities on site.


General Rules

Pack everything in, and everything out.

ID's will be checked when wristbands are picked up.

All state and federal laws apply.

No real weapons allowed.

Any bladed props must be movie prop dull.

Don't be a dick.